The following points represent the standard we aspire to, here at smashLAB. This isn’t some lofty mission statement; it’s simply the way we work.

Ask Questions

principles-ask-100x115.jpgGood design comes from understanding. This means we must always examine, listen, and think critically.

Be Brave

principles-brave-100x115.jpgWe challenge preconceived notions to achieve the "right" solution, in spite of obstacles or politics.

Remain Invisible

principles-invisible-100x115.jpgWe forego ego and take answers from wherever they may come, to create design that simply works.

Make Sense

principles-sense-100x115.jpgOur efforts are led by rational strategies, which we seek to explain clearly without hyperbole or obfuscation.

Push Yourself

principles-push-100x115.jpgWe love a challenge, and get excited by new opportunities that allow us to grow our expertise.

Sweat Details

principles-details-100x115.jpgAs craftspeople we concentrate on details, knowing that users will sense even that which they cannot see.

Give a Damn

principles-damn-100x115.jpgPessimism and cynicism are easy; we reject excuses and instead commit everything we have to the game.

Think Big

principles-big-100x115.jpgOur solutions must always remain respectful of the user, community, populace, and environment.